hi, im benjamin austin.

i recently finished my degree in software engineering at uvic, with a specialization in cyber-physical and smart systems.

just returned from a short break exploring europe, check out some photos.

previous experience @ marinelabs, nrc-cnrc and acd systems.

away from the computer, you can find me riding bikes, running, hiking, and snowboarding.

learn more about me on github and linkedin.

check out my resume.

reach out to me at austinlhom@gmail.com

you can check out some things i've worked on recently below!

infrared thermography analysis

analyze thermal efficiency of building surfaces! this tools allows users to upload thermal images captured by flir cameras, select regions of interest, enter some environmental data, and receive a detailed report about several different aspects related the thermal data obtained from the images.

try it out (WIP)

who are you? what are you?

as part of our security class, we were tasked with creating a shell script that displays some useful information on a given ip address, url, domain, or email address, with the idea that it would provide quick insight during response to a given security incident or event. this script produces a concise and informative output containing information such as txt records, domain information, name servers, mx records, etc.


distributed systems, remote sensing, and data privacy

in my distributed systems class, our team was challenged with proposing innovative solutions using distributed systems while simultaneously preserving the privacy of sensitive generational knowledge.

blog post

128-bit rsa cryptography implementation

for an embedded systems project, our team was tasked with researching, implementing, and optimizing a 128-bit implementation of the rsa cryptography algorithm on a 32-bit arm processor using a variety of optimization techniques and a proposed hardware assist.

github   project report

detecting brain tumors with machine learning

in an artificial intelligence class, our team designed, trained, and optimized a simple machine learning model to recognize brain tumors in mri scans.

github   project report


contributed movement logic and grid parsing as part of a team that entered in multiple battlesnake competitions to compete with various local tech companies and other teams.

github   battlesnake

bc luxury car tax calculator

built a simple calculator to determine taxation amounts with bc's updated luxury car tax rules, which came into effect in 2018.

github   try it out

vex autonomous robot

our team built and programmed an autonomous robot using a vex robotics kit, capable of locating and approaching an infrared beacon within a arena, and simulating a cable connection task on the beacon.